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FAQ Offender Registration


Offender Registration is required to be completed in person four (4) times per year.  After the initial first time court mandated registration the offender must report in the month of their birthday and every third, sixth and ninth month thereafter.  A twenty dollar ($20.00) registration fee is required at the time of each registration.

If an offender is transient, they are required to register every thirty (30) days, in person, or more frequently at the discretion of the registering office.  A list of places where they have slept and frequented during this time should be provided to the registering agency.  If able, transient offenders are to provide a list of places they may sleep prior to their next registration date as well as possible means of contact.

Offenders must register with the registering law enforcement agency within three (3) days of entering into any county to reside, maintain employment, or attend school.  The offender is required to provide all requested personal information to include: Addresses, Vehicle Information, License Plate information, Alias Name information, Descriptions and Locations of Scars, Marks and Tattoos, Employment Information, Telephone Numbers, School information, Passport Numbers, Immigration Numbers,  and any mental health treatment/services being received.

Vehicle information required: License Plate Number, State of Registration, VIN, Vehicle Type, Vehicle Year, Vehicle Make, Vehicle Model, Vehicle Color and where the vehicle is generally parked.

An offender must register in person within three (3) days of beginning, changing or ending a residence, employment or school attendance.  Written notice to the K.B.I. must also be provided.

If an offender is receiving inpatient treatment, they are to inform the treatment facility of their status as an offender and inform the local law enforcement agency of their presence in the county they are receiving treatment.

The offender's Kansas Driver's License or State ID must be renewed annually and shall indicate that they are a registered offender.  If residing in Kansas the offender must surrender all other Driver's Licenses and IDs from all other states.

An offender must report all email addresses, online identities, any personal web pages or online social networks and internet screen names.

Travel outside of the United States requires in person reporting and written notice to the K.B.I. Offender Registration Unit twenty-one (21) days prior to the requested travel.


Does Kansas have laws that prohibit offenders from living too close to schools, daycares, or community centers? Kansas does not have a proximity law that mandates where an offender may live, work, or go to school.  However, this may be a condition of the offenders supervision. 

Does an offender have to continue registering if they have had their record expunged?  Expungement of a crime requiring registration does not terminate the registration requirement.  The required years of registration still need to be completed.

Who can I contact to provide information to or voice concerns regarding a registered offender?  You should contact your local Sheriff's Office, or the Sheriff's Office in the county where the offender resides, works or attends school, or the KBI Offender Registration Unit by telephone at (785) 296-2841 or by e-mail at

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