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Investigations Division

Criminal Investigators, also known as detectives, perform a variety of law enforcement duties. Investigating crime scenes, processing and protecting evidence, interviewing witnesses and suspects and documenting cases make up a large part of the duties of a detective. Detectives use the latest technology to investigate criminal cases.

Additionally, detectives serve search warrants, prepare criminal cases for court and testify in courtroom proceedings.

The Leavenworth County Sheriff's Office Investigations Division is currently comprised of seven full-time specialized detectives who provide investigative support to the Sheriff's Office and other area law enforcement agencies.  Investigators are trained in a multitude of areas such as crime scene investigations, narcotic investigations, sex offenses, assaults, homicides, crimes against children, crimes against the elderly, auto theft, financial crimes, white collar crimes, evidence collection, insurance fraud, accident investigations and computer crimes.

Any persons wishing to provide information regarding a criminal offense and/or information regarding an ongoing criminal investigation may contact the Investigations Division or by submitting a tip on this site.