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Communications Division


heartbeat line with 911 and leavenworth county sheriff communications

The Communications Unit is part of the Support Services Bureau and answers all emergency 9-1-1 calls and non-emergency calls for service for unincorporated Leavenworth County and Lansing, Basehor and Tonganoxie cities. Calls for service range from medical emergency, fire and in-progress crime calls such as a burglary or an assault to non-emergency calls, such as past thefts or a request for a burn permit. 

Communications Unit staff are devoted to assessing, coordinating and sending information to the responding public safety professionals. The communications staff provides dispatch services for:

  • Leavenworth County Sheriff's Office
  • Leavenworth County Emergency Medical Services
  • Leavenworth County Office of Emergency Management
  • Lansing Police Department
  • Basehor Police Department
  • Tonganoxie Police Department
  • Kansas Highway Patrol working within county
  • Kansas Fish and Game working within the county
  • Easton Township Fire Department
  • Kickapoo Township Fire Department
  • Alexandria Township Fire Department
  • District 1 Fire Department
  • Fairmount Township Fire Department
  • Stranger Township Fire Department
  • Tonganoxie Township Fire Department
  • Union Township Fire Department
  • Reno Township Fire Department
  • Sherman Township Fire Department
  • Leavenworth City Fire Department (medical calls only)
  • Fort Leavenworth Fire Department (medical calls only)

Each Leavenworth County Dispatcher is trained and certified in the use of Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) protocols, Law Enforcement Dispatch (LED) protocols and Fire Service Dispatch (FSD) protocols; these certifications mean that when a citizen calls 9-1-1 the dispatcher will provide survival instructions thereby serving as the first, first responder on the scene.  Dispatchers are certified to provide medical instructions to control bleeding, perform CPR and administer the Heimlich Maneuver, just to name a few.  A dispatcher's goal is to provide safety instructions to each caller in order to mitigate risk and preserve life for both the caller and the public safety personnel responding.

Dispatchers Save Seconds, Seconds Save Lives


McKinzie Lee Ann wearing communications division uniform