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"My child just received a Notice to Appear by the police that states I need to call you to set up an appointment. What is this?"

- In lieu of arresting and transporting your child to the JDC, a Law Enforcement Officer may issue a Notice to Appear (NTA) for any juvenile that doesn't present further danger to themselves, their family, or the community based on the officer's discretion. JDC staff will set up a time for you to bring your juvenile to be processed and released that works best for you and the facility. Juveniles processed on NTA's are released back to their parent/guardian immediately after the assessment. Assessment's typically take about 1hr

 "My child isn't listening to me. Can I bring him or her up to the JDC and have you guys scare him or her straight?"

-No, there are several reasons for this.

1.) The State of Kansas regulates who can be placed inside of the detention center. Juveniles between the ages of 10-17 have to have been charged with a crime that if committed by an adult would constitute a misdemeanor or felony. 2.) It is recommended by LVCO JDC that family issues be dealt with in a therapeutic setting. 3.) If you believe your child has committed a criminal offense, it is recommended that you contact law enforcement. 4.) "Scared Straight" programs are proven to have very little positive impact on a juvenile's criminogenic risk factors. There are several studies that show that this program is more likely to increase criminal behaviors in juveniles that participate in this. For additional information please visit the online law library


"My child is in JDC, can I visit him or her?"

-Yes juveniles may receive contact visits in accordance with Leavenworth Sheriff's Office and JDC Policy. Safety and security of the facility is paramount and may cause visits to be delayed, rescheduled, or prohibited. Nothing may be brought in for the visit. Only parent/guardians are allowed to visit. Special exceptions of other family members or prosocial acquaintances (clergy, coaches, counselor/therapist) may be approved by the Director of JDC on a case-by-case basis. All visitors must be 18yoa or older. All visitors will be searched for contraband prior to the visit.   *To prevent the spread of COVID-19, all visitation has been halted until further notice. Juveniles will instead utilize extended daily phone calls to approved contacts.


"Can my child still attend school if they are in JDC?"

-Yes, juveniles receive school in-house at the JDC through USD 453 Leavenworth. There is a teacher on-site during normal school hours/days. Most work is completed on-line through USD 453's program. If your child doesn't go to Leavenworth School District, then most credits received while in the JDC may transfer to any school willing to accept it. All juveniles in JDC are required to participate in the school program.