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Sign Up to Receive Emergency Alerts and Severe Weather Warnings



Residents and visitors to Leavenworth County can receive life-saving emergency alerts and advanced warning of severe weather notifications by text, email, voice or directly on their Android or Apple iOS phone or tablet. 

The system is intended to be used for public safety notifications as well as incidents that may have significant impact to Leavenworth County residents.  AlertSense is the county's provider for these time-sensitive messages.

There are several ways to get started!

To access the AlertSense website here click here or

Text your zip code to 38276 or

Scan the QR code with your mobile phone:

black and white code to access the alertsense website

You can choose the types of alerts that you want to receive:

My Locations - Simply add all the locations that matter to you, both within the county and even in other parts of the country.  For example, you could identify your home, your child's school, where your parent resides, the university where your young adult attends, and your office.   When you travel, you can enable the app to "monitor my current location" in order to receive any emergency alerts issued for the city or area you are visiting.

Severe Weather Alerts - Receive advanced warning of severe weather when you or one of "your locations" is in the direct path of the storm.  AlertSense receives feeds from the National Weather Service, automatically interprets the geographic area affected, and delivers targeted alerts immediately to app users when one of their locations falls within the impact area.   You can tailor your alert settings by location, selecting the severity level for which you want to receive notifications.  For example, you can choose to receive only the most severe weather warnings or all watches and advisories as well.

Public Safety Alerts - Receive emergency alerts from public safety alerting authorities, notifying you of situations that threaten the safety of yourself or those you care about.  Public safety alerts include events such as crime, active shooter, imminent danger, hazardous materials, wildfire, floods and the need for immediate evacuation.

Community Notifications - You can also choose to receive notifications of events in your community that, while not life-threatening emergencies, still impact your daily life and commute, such as road closures, power outages and Boil Orders.

Please Contact us at the Emergency Management Office 913-684-0455 or the Leavenworth County Sheriff's Office 913-682-5724 to answer any questions you may have.