Monday -  July   6 ,  2015

Fireworks are legal in the unincorporated areas of Leavenworth County. Legal fireworks include class C consumer fireworks, or those allowed in the state of Kansas. Illegal fireworks include bottle rockets or any rocket on a stick. Commercial-grade fireworks are illegal to possess or shoot, unless the individual is licensed to do so.

Fireworks Safety Tips:

  • Small children should not handle fireworks; even sparklers can be harmful if mishandled.
  • Children and young adults should be monitored by an adult when handling fireworks.
  • Always keep a bucket of water or a hose nearby.
  • Do not hold fireworks that have been ignited.
  • Try to light fireworks on gravel, concrete or a hard surface that will not ignite.
  • Keep fireworks away from dry grass, hay, trees and all structures.
  • Don't use "sky lanterns" or "fire lanterns" - only the wind controls where this type of firework blows and lands, which is often on rooftops.
  • Pay attention to dry, windy conditions and to burn bans - do not ignite fireworks during these times.


Thursday afternoon, 06/25/2015, over the noon hour Leavenworth County Sheriff's Deputy Sara Flaherty and fellow Deputies attended a community program hosted by the Leavenworth public library. Deputies shared information about local law enforcement and allowed the children to view their Patrol vehicles.
Thursday afternoon, 06/25/2015, over the noon hour Leavenworth County Sheriff's Deputy Sara Flaherty and fellow Deputies attended a community program hosted by the Leavenworth public library. Deputies shared information about local law enforcement and allowed the children to view their Patrol vehicles.

 FRAUD ALERT (6/23/2015)

Phone Scam Alert: Sheriff's Deputies have received information regarding another phone scam. The current scam regards individuals calling and claiming the home computer at the residence of the subject receiving the call has been hacked into. The scammer attempts to gain computer information that would aid them in actually hacking into the system. Please use caution and avoid sharing vital information.


The summer travel season is upon us, Sheriff Dedeke reminds everyone to travel safely and please remember these key tips for vacation planning:
  • If you’re planning an extended trip, stop your mail and newspaper.
  • Avoid social media posts that broadcast your absence from your home.
  • Assure your pets are cared for in your absence.
  • If desired, register a vacation house check with the Sheriff’s office.

 DUI CHECKPOINT (6/10/2015)

The Leavenworth County Sheriff’s Office will be conducting a sobriety checkpoint at a fixed location in the north half of Leavenworth County on 06/13/2015, this check lane will take place during the evening hours. The focus of the check lane is to protect Leavenworth County citizens from potential traffic accidents resulting from driving while intoxicated.

The Leavenworth County Sheriff’s Office is a committed active member of PROJECT LEAD of Leavenworth County Coalition working to reduce underage drinking. Grant funding from PROJECT LEAD will fund the sobriety check lane.

 TORCH RUN UPDATE (6/8/2015)

The 2015 Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run was met with fine weather and over 100 runners from across Law Enforcement Community.

On the left, Sheriff Dedeke prepares the torch to be lit as officers look on. The middle photo shows Captain Tom Johnson as he rallies Deputies together before the run. To the right, Dispatcher Hans Stephensen carries the torch on its 5.2 mile journey.

Sheriff Dedeke prepares the torch to be lit as officers look on
Captain Tom Johnson as he rallies Deputies together before the run
Dispatcher Hans Stephensen carries the torch on its 5.2 mile journey


Locally, the Lansing to Leavenworth leg will take place on June 5, 2015. At 8:30 a.m. Law Enforcement Officers from agencies in Leavenworth County will start their run at the south parking lot at Lansing Police Dept. (800 1st Terrace) in Lansing. The Flame of Hope will travel north on K-7 to the Leavenworth County Justice Center (601 S. 3rd St.), a total distance of 5.2 miles.

At approximately 9:45 a.m. a brief ceremony will be held at the Justice Center when Sheriff Dedeke will address the runners.

Participating agencies are Basehor Police Department, Fort Leavenworth M.P. Battalion, Lansing Correctional Facility, Lansing Police Department, Leavenworth County Sheriff, and Leavenworth Police Department.

 BURN PERMITS (5/18/2015)

The Leavenworth County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce a new web based system allowing Leavenworth County citizens to apply for burn permits. When visiting the Leavenworth County Sheriff’s Office web site ( select the “BURN PERMIT” tab at the top banner of the page and fill out the online permit.

This form asks for information in much the same manner as the current practice of requesting a burn permit over the phone. Users will be asked to provide:

  • Name
  • Location where the burn will take place
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Fire district/township where the burn will take place

This new option allows citizens requesting burn permits to use their smart phone, tablets or home computers to apply for and receive a burn permit and allows for instant access to your burn permit for record keeping and easy viewing at a later date.

Included in the tab are materials to assist in the request process, a copy of the Leavenworth County Resolution 2015-12 outlining rules for burning, the fire district map for all of Leavenworth County and helpful information when applying for bon fire permits or burning in fire barrels. A unique feature of this site allows visitors to view at a glance the availability of burn permits. If the rangeland fire index is perceived to be too dangerous for burning by the National Weather Service or the fire chief for a particular fire district/township, Leavenworth County Communications will be advised burning is banned for that date or a series of dates in some cases. Likewise, if burning is allowed it can be shown in that fashion.

Sheriff Dedeke and his staff recently unveiled this system to the Leavenworth County Fire Association to allow members to review its content and discuss the obvious advantages of this new system. Fire Chiefs or their designees will receive instant notification of issued burn permit information electronically. This will be especially helpful in the event of a fire call associated with a burn.

Several factors addressed in this procedure allow for better Law Enforcement response to fire scenes and information sharing with rural fire departments. Sheriff Dedeke advised it is not uncommon for the Leavenworth County Sheriffs Communications Center to receive and document up to 250 calls for burn permits on a typical Saturday afternoon. This is a time consuming process that detracts from the availability of dispatchers to deal with other, more urgent calls and often creates an elongated process with several interruptions. Sheriff Dedeke believes users of the new system will be pleased with the relatively ease and speed of this process. The current system of calling in to receive a burn permit will not go away and remains an option for the requester; however the Sheriff’s Office strongly encourages users to utilize the online process. The Sheriff’s Office hopes people will gravitate towards this system to expedite obtaining burn permits and ultimately reducing the number of calls into the communications center.

 DARE FEST 2015 (5/11/2015)

Dare Fest was held this past Wednesday May 6th at the Amphitheatre in Bonner Springs, Ks. Deputies of the Leavenworth County Sheriff’s Office along with LVPD, Bonner PD and other agencies assisted as approximately 5oo Dare graduates were treated to music, motivational speeches and fun featuring RETRO BILL!


Deputy Zach Phillips and Deputy Sarah Flaherty work on installing child seats at a local daycare during an install event in late April. Both recently received specialized training on proper install techniques.

Citizens with questions or requests for installs are encouraged to contact the Sheriff’s Office (913) 682-5724.


Please join us for a fun and educational evening with your children for dinner and show with Retro Bill at:

Pleasant Ridge Elementary School
May 9, 2015
5:30 pm. to 8:00 p.m.

The Retro Bill Family Show is a “Family Values” themed program that includes positive messaging for Parents, Children, and Grandparents alike. Children are encouraged to listen to their parents, grandparents and teachers, and to seek them out for advice. Parents are shown creative ways to connect with their children and are also encouraged to be role models for their kids by setting a good example. Props, sound effects, humor and authentic passion make a RETRO BILL live appearance inspiring, informative and entertaining for all ages.

Sponsored by The Leavenworth County Sheriff’s Office & Leavenworth County-Cities Drug and Alcohol Abuse Council- “Investing in our future”

5:30 pm – 6:45 pm
  • Family Picnic
  • Hamburgers
  • Hotdogs
  • Chips
  • Dessert
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • RETRO BILL Family Show


Sheriff Andy Dedeke assisted in the planting of a tree in memory of Deputy Steve Traglio. The tree dedication took place at Ray Miller park in front of the Leavenworth VAMC Friday April 24th 2015. The event was well attended and many family members, friends and co-workers were on hand. The tree, a Black-Jack Oak, is visible from Fourth street and will be a strong addition to the beauty of the park.

 GRADUATION (4/22/2015)

Leavenworth County Sheriff's Deputy Rachel Ailin recently graduated from the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center's 233 Basic Law Enforcement class. Cadets at KLETC learn basics of criminal law, search and seizure, emergency driving, evidence collection and self-defense among other disciplines during the course in Hutchison, Kansas.

Sheriff Dedeke and his staff take great pride in the accomplishment and the individual achievements of Rachel’s status as an honor graduate and member of the 200 Mile Club for logging more than 200 miles of distance running in the (14) week course resulting in her being named Most Improved in Physical Fitness during her time at KLETC.

 SCAM ALERT - (4/22/2015)

UPDATE: Leavenworth County residents have reported attempted phone scams over the last month , callers will claim to be from the IRS and explain that a law suit is pending and payments must be made without delay. Residents are urged to confirm any claims made by callers requesting the immediate payment of funds. Call the stated party, Internal Revenue Service, or other parties to verify the claims being made over the phone. As this issue has been ongoing, open investigations into this scam are being looked into by Sheriff’s Deputies. Citizens are reminded to check the validity of any claims prior to committing payment on any requests for funds solicited in this manner as they may be scams.

 Child Seat Installation/Inspection Services - (4/13/2015)

The Leavenworth County Sheriff's Office now has two Deputies certified in installing and inspecting child seats. Deputies are available by appointment to help citizens correctly install their child safety seats, or inspect the current installation. Deputies have received specialized training through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. They receive their certification, and are given access to the government database for recalls, and updates to applicable laws. Deputies Phillips and Flaherty will be available by appointment through the Leavenworth County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division, or the NHTSA database, at

 Arbor Day Tree Planted in Honor of Steve Traglio - (4/13/2015)

At noon April 24 at Ray Miller Park (Next to the Dwight D. Eisenhower Medical Affairs Center) members of the community will join together to plant a tree to honor the late Steve Traglio, former Sheriff's Office deputy, Leavenworth Police Officer and military veteran.

Each year on Arbor Day, the Parks and Recreation Department staff arrange a special tree-planting as part of the Legacy Tree Program. Any member of the community can sponsor a tree and have it named after an individual or group of individuals and have it planted in a City park along with a commemorative plaque. Contact the Parks and Recreation Department, 913-651-2203, for more information about the Legacy Tree Program.


MANHATTAN, Kan. –The Kansas Department of Agriculture has completed surveillance and testing in Leavenworth and Wyandotte counties and lifted movement restrictions for the quarantined area. Movement of live poultry and poultry products, including eggs, can resume as normal.

KDA officials surveyed and tested every poultry premise within the infected zone, multiple premises in the buffer zone and responded to seven sick bird calls. All test results were found to be negative.

"We appreciate the citizens that self-reported their flocks. It has allowed us to effectively identify the number of flocks in the area and ensure we stamped out this virus,” said Dr. Justin Smith, Kansas Deputy Animal Health Commissioner.

 EASTER GREETINGS - (4/3/2015)

Sheriff Dedeke and his staff extend Happy Easter greetings from the Leavenworth County Sheriff’s Office family to the citizens of Leavenworth County and their families.

 BURGLARY ALERT - (4/1/2015)

The Sheriff’s Office and local law enforcement agencies have received numerous reports in recent days of items being stolen from vehicles during overnight hours; additionally we have had a series of burglary thefts involving outbuildings and tool trailers. Residents are cautioned to lock their vehicles and assure they are not left with keys in the ignition. Citizens are asked to call the Sheriff’s Office if any suspicious vehicles or persons are seen. Current area of focus is southern Leavenworth County.